Road to Endless Motivation

Road to Endless Motivation

Motivation is something the world underestimates. It is a superpower we all have in common. The sad part is motivation is mortal. It fades too soon. Whenever it triggers, we feel the rush to make things happen but soon enough it’s gone.

Life would be a lot easier with undying motivation. Wouldn’t it? Anyway, having everlasting motivation is like using cheat codes in the game called life.

Well, good news!!

There are ways to achieve it. Those ways are of course tough but trust me it’s all worth.

Following are the 6 things I believe we must carry in our backpack to travel the Road to Endless Motivation:-

1. Believe in Yourself.

It’s a 3-word sentence which is often taken for granted. Just read it again. Think about who you really are. Think about the great things only you are capable of. If you can’t think of anything, no worries. You just don’t know it yet. And if you do, make that your goal.

You are different, just like everybody else. There are things no other human can pull-off but you. There is someone behind that mask of yours. Say hello to him. That face beneath is a better version of you. That face is more confident. As soon as you discover that face, you will feel the fire.

2. Care a little less.

Motivation fades quickly when we care about things that don’t really matter. These things may refer mainly to “what others think about us or what the society thinks about us. The truth is nobody really cares. We shouldn’t either. The only thing we should be caring about is our dream.

Concentrate on your strengths and don’t be worried about facing the world if you fail. Everyone fails at least once in life. When you care less about these useless issues, trust me nothing will hold you back and you will once again feel the fire.

3. Patience.

“I don’t think anything valuable comes fast.” — Gary Vaynerchuk

Patience is key. Don’t worry if things are not working out. Trust yourself. Trust your thoughts. Trust your judgement. If you are travelling on the best possible road, be patient and keep driving. You’ll reach your destination. If you always keep this ideology in mind, your motivation will never fade because you will always believe in your destination.

4. Re-Think.

“Your ability to think is one of your most precious assets.” — Tweet This

Whenever you feel de-motivated, just think. Think about why you started. Think about how far you have come. Think about your progress. Think like an optimist. Think about your ultimate goal. And finally, THINK ABOUT THE REWARD. This will bring your motivation back online.

5. Tell a friend.

Do you have a friend? I mean a friend who really cares about you. A friend who will be hard on you if it takes to bring you back on track. Tell that friend about your goal, tell him what you are planning. Ask him to remind you that from time to time. Tell him he will be held responsible if you don’t make it. That very friend of yours will do half the trick and bring the motivated you back for sure.

6. Do the math.

When I say this I don’t mean bring the numbers in. I’m not a fan of mathematics but I do love the idea of calculation. Calculate your time, energy, concentration, interests, environment. Once you are done. You can now find the best way of doing things. You can work the way you do it best. You will see progress and when you see progress, your motivation level will shoot up.

Honestly, there are so many tricks out there. But what really helps is that we keep moving. Never stop & Stay focused.

“Motivation will last if you are willing to not give up. Be your own hero!” — Tweet This

COMMENT BELOW- “What motivates you the most and keeps you going?”

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