The Way We Think


“The problem with our generation is quite simple, we don’t think profoundly.”

The society is often reprimanded by us all. What we tend to neglect is the fact that we are the ones who shape the society. We are its members. Hence, blaming the society is equivalent to blaming oneself.

Today’s situation is a lot similar to that of school students who are unable to accomplish a group project and without a doubt each member declares that the team is useless. Each individual is a brilliant being according to what his/her heart believes, and if given a chance mountains can be moved by them. The truth is chances are to be created if change is desired.

If you are amid a bad situation, do something about it. If each member of our society does so, greatness is assured.

11 thoughts on “The Way We Think

  1. It is human nature.. We know what is right and what is wrong, but still we don’t follow what is right and then repent later… And we end up blaming others only for what we have not achieved… We need to change our midset…

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