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Fear is something that each man experiences in his daily life. It is an unavoidable part of our lives. One cannot escape from fear as it lies deep within our hearts. Nobody likes to be afraid and we all know that as a fact.

We all try to conquer our deepest fears, but I would like to say that fear is a good thing. Without fear people would lose the taste of victory. Fear tells us what we are facing and the importance of the fear factor.. It helps us to determine the significance of our goals. It is fear because of which we achieve success in our lives as without it there wouldn’t be the idea of challenge and without challenge there won’t be any satisfaction.

Fear is an opportunity to ascertain your strength.

Fear is meant to act as a natural motivation because your goal is to overcome your fear and prove yourself. Always keep in mind the reason why you are afraid, figure out a way not to be and that is your solution for success.

 Don’t eliminate the fear factor but  don’t let it affect your courage either.

4 thoughts on “FEAR

  1. Hi Clifford. Thanks for stopping by my blog and the follow.
    You’re right. There’s nothing to be fearful about fear. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. 🙂
    Happy writing! 🙂

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