The Way We Think


“The problem with our generation is quite simple, we don’t think profoundly.”

The society is often reprimanded by us all. What we tend to neglect is the fact that we are the ones who shape the society. We are its members. Hence, blaming the society is equivalent to blaming oneself.

Today’s situation is a lot similar to that of school students who are unable to accomplish a group project and without a doubt each member declares that the team is useless. Each individual is a brilliant being according to what his/her heart believes, and if given a chance mountains can be moved by them. The truth is chances are to be created if change is desired.

If you are amid a bad situation, do something about it. If each member of our society does so, greatness is assured.

The Blame Game


“Be the change that you wish to see in the world”

These are the most inspirational words delivered by Mahatma Gandhi, the father of our Nation (INDIA)

The world is a container of indefinite kinds of people, among which thoughts of all are unmatched. Though one thing that all men have in common is the habit of blaming others….

Blaming is the easiest way that we all know will help us from getting out of troublesome situations. But it is a question we should all ask ourselves “Is it really something we should count on”? NO…we blame others for the wrongs they have done and expect them to make it right.

Blaming has now become a habit of everyone and has become a part of our daily lives. This is something we should be worried about because the only man who is responsible for something you determine as wrong is no other than you because you did not do anything to stop it from happening. If you want to make things right, then you need to take initiative and perform, even if you can’t, the best way to contribute is by motivating others.

Don’t blame others for the wrongs they did, instead convert those wrongs into rights or at least do your bit.

“Take responsibility, be the leader the world needs, inspire the youth and make the world a better place.”



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Fear is something that each man experiences in his daily life. It is an unavoidable part of our lives. One cannot escape from fear as it lies deep within our hearts. Nobody likes to be afraid and we all know that as a fact.

We all try to conquer our deepest fears, but I would like to say that fear is a good thing. Without fear people would lose the taste of victory. Fear tells us what we are facing and the importance of the fear factor.. It helps us to determine the significance of our goals. It is fear because of which we achieve success in our lives as without it there wouldn’t be the idea of challenge and without challenge there won’t be any satisfaction.

Fear is an opportunity to ascertain your strength.

Fear is meant to act as a natural motivation because your goal is to overcome your fear and prove yourself. Always keep in mind the reason why you are afraid, figure out a way not to be and that is your solution for success.

 Don’t eliminate the fear factor but  don’t let it affect your courage either.